Concello de Ortigueira


The municipality of Ortigueira, with a surface of 214.9 square kilometres and 8,022 inhabitants is the largest and most widely populated one in the county of Ortegal. Its vast territory includes both coastal and hinterland landscapes combining marked mountain chains and fertile valleys.

The estuary of Ortigueira and Ladrido is one of the most important wetlands in Galicia. Its wealth in terms of fauna and flora is know at world level, and its features are however different from those of other natural spaces. Due to all this, the space falls under the Ramsar Convention.

What to do in Ortigueira?

The municipality of Ortigueira offers many possibilities for leisure. The Teatro da Beneficencia has a stable programme throughout the year including music, theatre and film.

The beautiful beaches all over the coast of the municipality must be specially highlighted, as well as the routes and leisure activities fostered by the Tourist Information Office.

The municipality is divided into 22 villages where many local festivals are held throughout the year. The most remarkable ones are those of Santa Marta, which take place between July 28th and August 1st.


The fist settlers of Ortigueira were groups of nomadic hunters who arrived to the area around 35000 b.C. The county has a long and interesting history and there are many remains of it still left in the shape of archaeological findings. Pre-historic burial monuments and Celtic settlements (castros), pottery and even a Roman spa are part of that heritage. Many of these items are presently shown at the Archaeological Centre Federico Maciñeira, located in town.
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Praza de Isabel II, s/n
Ortigueira - A Coruña
Phone number 34 - 981 400 000

Where is it?

The county of Ortegal, Galicia, is the Northernmost point of the Iberian peninsula. Ortigueira belongs to the province of A Coruña and it is on the border with the municipalities of Cariño, Cedeira, Cerdido, As Pontes and Mañón. The town of Santa Marta is the administrative, bureaucratic and commercial centre of the county.

Ortigueira can be accessed by car, bus -bus line Arriva- or train -train line FEVE-. The airports closest to town are those of Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña, 130 and 90 km away from the municipality respectively. Airlines Air Europa and Iberia have daily domestic and international flights.


The weather in Ortigueira is humid oceanic. Temperatures are usually mild, with an annual average of 13.1ºC. The winter is rainy and humid, with an average rainfall of 1,000 - 1,500 mm. Rainfall is distributed in 150 rain days per year.

Celtic World International Festival

Ortigueira hosts the Celtic World International Festival every summer since 1978. This event was declared of International Tourist Interest and brings together thousands of people who gather to enjoy concerts of traditional music, cultural activities, crafts and the landscape in the area.

The municipal administration is in charge of organising this event, which is free of cost and attracts some of the best artists in the world. If you wish to obtain more information about the International Festival of the Celtic World you can visit its official website.